Laura Pecenco co-curates art exhibit and speaks at SDSU

Laura Pecenco works at the nexus of the sociology of gender, visual sociology, and art.  She is co-curating an art exhibition at SDSU. The Prison Art Project: What does prisoner-made art look like — its themes, imagery, and materials? Laura Pecenco is a Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology at the University of California, San Diego. Her dissertation research involves analyzing prisoner-made art. Pecenco and Goeltzenleuchter worked with SDSU students to curate an exhibition of prisoner-made art. A central goal of this exhibition is to generate awareness of the pervasive myths of prison life — much of which has been perpetuated through popular entertainment — and offer another, more complex model of what it means to live behind bars.
Laura Pecenco will speak at a panel discussion on Thursday, March 20, 2014, from 2-4 pm in Room LL108 of the SDSU Library.   Another panelist is noted photographer Stephen Chalmers are panelists.  Moderated by Art / Crime Archive co-directors Dr. Paul Kaplan (criminologist) and Brian Goeltzenleuchter (artist). For questions, please<>.
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Laura Pecenco’s dissertation, “Paint in the Can: Creating Art and Gender in Prison,” is a multi-method analysis of the diverse ways in which gender is performed by men in prison art programs.

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