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“How Big Should Our Government Be?” Out now!

The Department of Sociology is excited to announce Professor Lane Kenworthy’s latest book: How Big Should Our Government Be?

For more information, see

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“Preferences in the Early Stages of Mate Choices”

Congratulations are due to Kevin Lewis on his most recent publication, “Preferences in the Early Stages of Mate Choice,” to appear in the next issue of Social Forces.

In addition to the article being important and wonderful in its own right, its life course is also notable. This is the paper that grew out of Kevin’s job talk at UC San Diego(or vice versa), and which he originally submitted for publication in 2012. So, take note, graduate students…these suckers can take a long time to get into print!

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Andrew Scull wins ASA Award for Best Publication in Mental Health

The American Sociological Association has announced the 2016 Winner of Best Publication in Mental Health as Professor Andrew Scull for his book, Madness in Civilization.


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Graduate Program Alumni, “Organizing Organic”

Michael Haedicke, UCSD Sociology PhD 2008, and now associate professor of sociology at Drake University, has just published Organizing Organic: Conflict and Compromise in an Emerging Market (Stanford University Press 2016).

For anyone studying organizations, movements, food, and/or culture, this is a must read. Or, if you want to know how Whole Foods execs can position themselves as keepers of the public good, this book’s for you. An added attraction:  Michael’s tongue in cheek writing style is wonderful.

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“The real refugee crisis is in the Middle East, not Europe”

Graduate Student, Rawan Arar, has co-authored an article published on the Washington Post, titled: The real refugee crisis is in the Middle East, not Europe.


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“It’s on the MCAT for a Reason” Lauren Olsen published in Teaching Sociology

Graduate Student Lauren Olsen‘s publication “It’s on the MCAT for a Reason”: Premedical Students and the Perceived Utility of Sociology has been highlighted in the American Sociological Association newsletter.

Ms. Olsen’s article appeared on Teaching Sociology, April 2016. Her paper is based on student’s experiences in our new undergraduate course SOCI 70: General Sociology for Premedical Students.

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Michael Evans’ book published

Michael Evans, who received his Sociology and Science Studies Phd in 2012 has recently published his book,  Seeking Good Debate: Religion, Science, and Conflict in American Public Life.      Evans, Michael S. 2016.   Oakland: University of California Press.

Why do religion and science often appear in conflict in America’s public sphere? In Seeking Good Debate, Michael S. Evans examines the results from the first-ever study to combine large-scale empirical analysis of some of our foremost religion and science debates with in-depth research into what Americans actually want in the public sphere. The surprising finding is that apparent conflicts involving religion and science reflect a more fundamental conflict between media elites and ordinary Americans over what is good debate. For elite representatives, good debate advances an agenda, but, as Evans shows, for many Americans it is defined by engagement and deliberation. This hidden conflict over what constitutes debate’s proper role diminishes the possibility for science and religion to be discussed meaningfully in public life. Challenging our understanding of science, religion, and conflict, Seeking Good Debate raises profound questions about the future of the public sphere and American democracy.

It can be found on Amazon as well:

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Prof. Ribas’ book published by UC Press

‘On the Line: Slaughterhouse Lives and the Making of the New South’
Professor Vanesa Ribas publishes her first book, an eye-opening examination of the lives of workers in the New South, via University of California Press.

“How does one put into words the rage that workers feel when supervisors threaten to replace them with workers who will not go to the bathroom in the course of a fourteen-hour day of hard labor, even if it means wetting themselves on the line?”—From the Preface

In this gutsy, eye-opening examination of the lives of workers in the New South, Vanesa Ribas, working alongside mostly Latino/a and native-born African American laborers for sixteen months, takes us inside the contemporary American slaughterhouse. Ribas, a native Spanish speaker, occupies an insider/outsider status there, enabling her to capture vividly the oppressive exploitation experienced by her fellow workers. She showcases the particular vulnerabilities faced by immigrant workers—a constant looming threat of deportation, reluctance to seek medical attention, and family separation—as she also illuminates how workers find connection and moments of pleasure during their grueling shifts. Bringing to the fore the words, ideas, and struggles of the workers themselves, On The Line underlines how deep racial tensions permeate the factory, as an overwhelmingly minority workforce is subject to white dominance. Compulsively readable, this extraordinary ethnography makes a powerful case for greater labor protection, especially for our nation’s most vulnerable workers.

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Book by Tom Waidzunas

UCSD alum Tom Waidzunas’ new book (a revised and expanded study that was originally based on his dissertation) is now in print!

The Straight Line: How the Fringe Science of Ex-Gay Therapy Reoriented Sexuality, by Tom Waidzunas, is published by the University of Minnesota Press.

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Article by Tad Skotnicki and Prof. Jeff Haydu in Social Movement Studies

Congratulations to Tad Skotnicki and Jeff Haydu, whose article, “Three Layers of History in Recurrent Social Movements: The Case of Food Reform” will be published in an upcoming issue of Social Movement Studies.

Tad was a recipient of one of the department’s Summer Research Grants a couple of summers ago. Thanks, Tad, for providing such a great demonstration of how that program works!

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