Armand Gutierrez Recipient of Two Different Honors

Armand Gutierrez, a graduate student in the UCSD department of Sociology recently received two different honors: The California Immigration Research Initiative Graduate Student Fellowship, as well as Honorable Mention for the 2017 Graduate Student Paper Award from the Asia and Asian American Section for the American Sociological Association for his paper “A Family Affair: How and Why Second-Generation Filipino-Americans Engage in Transnational Social and Economic Connections.”

The California Immigration Research Initiative offers four graduate students fellowships of $9,000 each for doctoral students at any University of California campus researching immigration in California.

The Graduate Student Paper Award from the Asia and Asian American Section for the American Sociological Association awards a prize to the best graduate student paper addressing any topic in the sociology of either Asia/Transnational or Asian America. The winner(s) receive a cash prize of $300 at the annual meeting, divided equally first between co-winning papers, if any, and second between co-authors, if any.

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Amy Binder and Daniel Davis Awarded James Coleman Article Award

Professor at UCSD department of Sociology, Amy Binder, and Sociology graduate student Daniel Davis‘s paper was selected for James Coleman Award for best article in the field of sociology of education. Amy Binder and Daniel Davis, together with former graduate student Nick Bloom worked on the paper “Career Funneling: How Elite Students Learn to Define and Desire ‘Prestigious’ Jobs,” which has been selected for the annual award this year.

Read more about the James Coleman award and past recipients here.

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John Skrentny Appointed as Director of Yankelovich Center for Social Science Research

John Skrentny, a professor in the Sociology Department, was appointed as Director of the Division of Social SciencesYankelovich Center for Social Science Research. The office of the dean of the division of social sciences stated:

We are grateful to fellow sociologist Lane Kenworthy for stewarding the center for the past two years. We are excited about the future of the Yankelovich Center at UC San Diego and look forward to building new partnerships in the region and beyond.

The Yankelovich Center at UC San Diego – founded in 2012 by Daniel Yankelovich, who in 2016 also established a planned gift to sustain the center into perpetuity – is dedicated to developing practical solutions to our nation’s most pressing problems.

John’s plans for the Yankelovich Center include taking the findings of the commission out to the public and, in partnership with Public Agenda, a nonpartisan non-profit organization in New York City, testing which solutions have the most promise in terms of political feasibility and public support. In addition to the center’s existing executive board, John is also putting together a regional advisory board of community stakeholders. Cities and rural regions, he says, are the new laboratories of democracy – and we can best make national progress by beginning on a regional level and then scaling up best practices and solutions.

To learn more about the center and to connect:

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David FitzGerald Featured in the San Diego Union-Tribune Article

Professor of Sociology and co-director of the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies David FitzGerald was featured in a San Diego Union-Tribune article titled “‘You’re just there, trapped’: Why one Mexican woman decided to ‘self-deport,’ long before Trump.” In the article, David writes:

These policies are designed to increase anxiety, they’re designed to create fear in immigrant communities. The government knows they’ll never be able to go out and deport the unauthorized population – and one of their stated hopes is that people will self-deport.

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UCSD Response to the April 30 La Jolla Shooting

A letter from UC San Diego faculty, including several from the Division of Social Sciences, was published in The Triton, an independent, student-run news source, addressing the “the inherence of race to this mass shooting.”

Read the full letter here.

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Gershon Shafir Featured in the San Francisco Chronicle

Professor Gershon Shafir of the UCSD department of Sociology was quoted in a the San Francisco Chronicle article titles “For Bay Area student, hunger strike in Israeli prison is personal.” The article discusses a hunger strike in an Israeli prison and features Gershon Shafir in which he says:

Marwan Barghouti refused to offer a defense in his 2002 trial, saying the Israeli justice system was illegitimate. Palestinians compare him to South African antiapartheid leader Nelson Mandela, “militant in some ways and moderate in some ways. Many Palestinians had hoped the hunger strike would prompt Marwan Barghouti’s freedom and help catapult him to the presidency, a position the 82-year-old Abbas has held since January 2005.

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Gershon Shafir Writes in the Washington Post About New Book

Gershon Shafir of the UCSD Sociology department wrote in the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog. In the article titled “Israel’s ‘temporary’ occupation has lasted 50 years. A new book explains why,” Gershon discusses the subject of his new book, “A Half Century of Occupation: Israel, Palestine and the World’s Most Intractable Conflict.” He writes:

In my new book, I describe how the “Shamgar Doctrine” — which I name after Meir Shamgar, the military’s general advocate during the 1967 war and the president of the Israeli Supreme Court in the 1980s — justifies and legalizes this apparent contradiction.

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Amy Binder Featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education Article

Amy Binder, professor at UCSD Sociology, shared her expertise with The Chronicle of Higher Education on an article titles “It’s Been a Messy Semester for Free Speech on Campus. What’s Next?” The article discusses controversial speakers invited to speak at universities across the country. Binder shared that the best practice to avoid blowups would be for universities to hold events despite the security costs.

“I would also advise faculty, students, and those in the community to ignore the events and not even show up to protest, quite frankly.”

Read the full article here.


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Undergraduate Sociology Student to Speak at All Campus Comencement

Ricky Flahive, an undergraduate student double majoring in Sociology and Political Science, was selected to speak at the all campus commencement ceremony this year. He will be representing the graduating class as this year’s student speaker and sharing the stage with the Dalai Lama who will too address the graduates this year.

“It’s kind of surreal, I will be sharing a stage and speaking immediately after the Dalai Lama himself. To be frank I am pretty terrified, beyond nervous, but extraordinarily thankful.”

Rick’y experiences and involvement as a UCSD Triton include serving as president of the All Campus Transfer Association and as a peer mentor for TRiO Student Support Services. He was also involved in Associated Students, Muir College Council, Triton Television, MENding Monologues, Transfer Year Experience, Global Seminars, and the McNair Research Program. In the time he spent here as a transfer student, Ricky took advantage of the opportunities available to him as a Triton and is now proud to represent the class as a whole during commencement.

The All Campus Commencement will be held Saturday June 17th, 2017 from 9am to 10:30 am in RIMAC Field and is invitation only for graduates and friends & family of graduates.

For more information on Ricky Flahive and his backstory, read the UC San Diego News Center article here.

More information on Ricky Flahive and his backstory will soon be available in an upcoming series titled Undergraduate Student Spotlight we hope to feature in the near future.

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David FitzGerald Featured on Liberation

David FitzGerald, professor of sociology at UCSD spoke with the French publication Liberation about his book “Culling the Masses: The Democratic Origins of Racist Immigration Policy in the Americas.” Read the full article online here.

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